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About the Trinity Group

At our core, we are a project management company. We learned our trade in the national corporation world, where the percentage of projects that are completed on budget, on time and at a high level of quality is very high. In the early 2000's, we discovered that just the opposite was true for the overwhelming majority of smaller organizations.

In the process of helping a small local ministry build a facility, we discovered that the processes that we follow in helping national corporations get consistently successful results also work very well for smaller individual organizations. Since that first project, we have served as the "in-house" design and construction team for a significant number of organizations across the nation.

WHY CHOOSE Trinity Group?


The Trinity Advantage

The most important factors that determine the success or failure of a project must be addressed before any design or construction work takes place. Unlike national corporations who have professionals on staff to address these factors, smaller organizations are simply not equipped to  adequately prepare for a project. Trinity provides these organizations with the expertise and guidance that are needed to ensure project success. We work with the client to clarify vision, assess needs and evaluate resources in order to establish project parameters and goals. Once this foundation is in place, Trinity provides the design and construction expertise to successfully execute the project.


The Trinity Approach

Today's design and construction world is very segmented. Most industry professionals just focus on their segment of the process rather than the project as a whole. Even Design/Build firms rarely have an integrated design and construction team. This approach puts the burden on the client to make sure all project factors are addressed and the client is rarely qualified for such a task. Trinity provides a client focused approach that thoroughly assesses all project factors from concept to completion to ensure the successful preparation and execution of every project. Trinity becomes your "in-house" team that addresses all the critical project issues, not just the design and construction, at no additional cost to the client.


The Trinity

Trinity's comprehensive approach to project preparation and execution provides smaller clients with the same success that national corporations experience. The project is performed on budget, on time and at a high level of quality. The client has a professional team serving their best interests and allowing the client to stay focused on running their organization, rather than spending significant amounts of time addressing issues that an architect or builder doesn't normally address. This partnership provides the client with the valuable insight and guidance, as well as assistance, that would not normally be available to a smaller organization, at no additional cost to the client. 

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